Free "Swag Bag" - Ashley Lozano Jewelry

Free "Swag Bag"

Our free swag bag is composed of samples, coupons, and cards from other vendors. Most of these items are handmade. We're offering these items completely free to customers of Ashley Lozano Jewelry (with purchase) as a way to help connect other small businesses with consumers, and to serve as a "thank you" for shopping with ALJ! These bags are prepared in advance and the bag you receive will be randomly selected. Specific bags or items can not be requested or traded out for other items. Please note that if you are highly sensitive/allergic/offended by certain materials or scents, you may want to opt out of this program. These items may include but are not limited to: infused herbs or oils such as lavender, peppermint, etc. Packaging may include but is not limited to: latex, leather, plastics. Although products handmade by Ashley Lozano Jewelry come from a smoke and pet free home, I can not guarantee that all items in the swag bag do. I have however examined all items for any off putting smells, or pet dander and have noticed none. If you have any known allergies that may be affected, please opt out of this program by deleting the free item in your cart. 

We hope that you love your freebie items and choose to shop with the generous vendors who have sent in their items. Please feel free to stop by their Facebook or Instagram accounts and tell them we sent you!

*Please note the photo is an example and may not contain these exact items.