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Kit Fee

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This listing covers an ash collection kit and all related shipping of said kit for items that do not have one included in the price. If you have any questions on whether or not you need to purchase this item, please feel free to contact me. You are always welcome to send the ash directly rather than purchase a kit if you so choose. 

*This kit ships for free but a 6.00 shipping charge (for domestic orders) will still apply to your jewelry. If you purchase both in the same transaction, you will see the shipping charge reflected at checkout.

In this kit you'll receive:

A small screw top pot for ashes

A sticky label with your address on it (please wrap around lid once the pot is filled and closed)

Two ziploc bags to seal the pot in for extra security. 

A business card and form

A bubble mailer for the return with a prepaid label already attached to it. The kit can easily be filled and mailed from your house. I no longer require signature delivery for the returned kit as I now have the packages delivered to a post office box. Your finished jewelry item (purchased separately) WILL require a signature upon receiving the package.


I consider it to be a great honor and responsibility to create such a special piece for you and I promise to treat your packages with as much care as I did my own father's ashes. Thank you for your consideration.

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