Announcement: Scheduled Vacation

We plan to be on vacation April 12-21. We won't be shutting down the shops, but communications will be much slower than usual, automatic replies will be activated, and my incoming mail will be held for me. If your finished items are scheduled to ship during these dates, they will ship BEFORE we leave of course. "Ready to ship" items will have the turn around times changed from 1-3 days to 7 or so business days. If you place an order from me that requires a mold kit or cremation kit, those kits will ship after we return. If you need a mold in an emergency situation, you can always email me at ashley@ashleylozano.com with "Emergency" in the headline or give me a call (828.209.8597) and I can direct you on what we can use for a mold if your situation will not allow for you to wait on the mold kit. ❤️ If you are returning a mold kit to me, please ship them in time to arrive before April 10, hold them until April 21, or if you are ok with them being held at the post office and confirmed upon my arrival, you may ship at your own convenience. 

Thank you.

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