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Great Service

Ashley was kind to work with me to determine exactly what I wanted and what I did not want.

A wonderful, personal keepsake

The item is completely lovely and I loved the level of customisation I could apply to it to make it mine. Communication was clear throughout and instructions for postage etc were also clear. International postage also good and timely! I will definitely order from this seller again!

More then what I expected

When I lost my fiance, my entire world changed. Every time I left home I felt like I was leaving him behind. I looked and looked all over the internet trying to find the perfect thing tht I could have with me at all times and carry part of him with me everywhere. I immediately decided on a ring and then the search really began...finally I found Ashley's website....I have never been more satisfied with any product, business or stranger in my life. I picked out the ring and put in my order....I sent some of his ashes way and tht was a HUGE deal for me. I was concerned as to how they'd be handled given tht I was sending them to a business owned by a stranger.. I received my ring and in the package was the ashes she didn't use, and they were packaged the exact way tht I had packed them and she even still had the note in there tht I wrote to her. There was no doubt in my mind tht they were his ashes, which was the first sign tht she really treated what she did with respect, care and love.. I opened the box my ring came in and immediately I was crying so hard I could barely see it....it was absolutely beautiful. It was much more then the picture tht I had chosen off her page. I wasn't mislead, and it look as it did in the picture, but the quality of it blew me away. It was so shiny and it jus sparkled so bright. I swear it caught my eye 1000 times or more in the first day of wearing it. And the keepsake "stone" with his ashes in it was the perfect color... not only did she beat my expectations on her handling with care and the product she made but she also dealt with me in a very timely manner every time I emailed her..which was a lot more then one should have to deal with a customer-I was so nervous ontop of grieving I had 1000 questions and I also need a huge favor- I wanted her to "speed up the process" so I could have my item when I went to Florida on the vacation tht my fiance and I were to get married....I offered her extra money and asked her not to put me infront of anyone else, as I'm not the only one tht needed their keepsake as fast as possible. She refused my money and promised me tht she would use her spare time bc she couldn't put any customer before another to put together my ring and have it done by when I asked her...well when I had given her the date I needed it by...I gave her the wrong date..when I realized tht I emailed her and told her my mistake, no reason to use her spare time to work on my ring for me and asked her to jus have it done by the original due date....she had it at my doorstep 3 days b4 the day I told her I needed it by... she continued to use her spare time to meet the deadline tht I asked of her anyways and she exceeded above and beyond in everything tht I expected out of this situation... I will never ever have anyone else make another keepsake for me again. When I write this review I couldn't jus keep it to the product. Her compassion and integrity deserves just as much as the love and care tht she puts into the amazing, beautiful, unique keepsakes tht she creates...everything about Ashley and what she does is absolutely amazing. Thank you so much for creating something tht I will forever be able to have a part of my fiance with me at all times.... the day I lost him changed my life ...and the day i opened my package and put my on my ring tht i believe yu treated as if it was yur situation changed my world. I will forever spread yur name as far as I can thru the world.. I can't tell yu how much i appreciate yu!

Even Better Than I Expected

Ashley did an amazing job on my fiancé's cremation ring. It's absolutely stunning and better than I had hoped for as a memorial piece for him! The silver work is flawless, and the stone itself is perfectly balanced inside and out and beautiful.


The ring is gorgeous! The quality is excellent. I will wear this every day!

Perfect cremation jewelry

I’ve ordered multiple pieces from Ashley Lozano and love all of them. The engraving is perfect and the communication was great to confirm my preferences.

Beautiful jewelry

I’ve ordered multiple personalized pieces from Ashley Lozano and love them all. They’re high quality and perfectly engraved. I’ve also had a great experience with their communication too. I would highly recommend purchasing from this company.

Lovely memorial ring

The ring was as advertised and of course means so much. The craftsmanship is lovely. Also it’s a good value and so worth it. Thanks

Dainty Ring

Received my ring and it was exactly as described. Packaging was beautiful and it was clear that Ashley took the utmost care with the cremains that were sent. Highly recommend!

Unisex Cushion Shaped Signet Ring with Cremains

Absolutely stunning!!!!

Absolutely blown away with my ring with my dads ashes in them. This is my second ring unfortunately my last 1 I lost. I reached out to Ashley about get another made but she stopped making the design and recommended 1 similar. I couldn’t be more happier with how it turned out. If I could give 10 stars I would! You have a talent and I will be sending my friends your way! Thanks again!💖

very happy with my purchase

all three pieces were beautifully made, exactly what we were looking for. the ordering process was easy, you replied to my questions in a timely way and i appreciated being able to check your site for the receipt status and estimated ship date. also appreciated that i received the order earlier than expected...thank you!


I received my pendant last week and it’s beautifully crafted. I am so very grateful to Ashley for creating a tangible reminder of my best friend. I will treasure this necklace every day and take comfort knowing that a small bit of my best friend is with me all the time. Words are not enough to describe how much this pendant means to me. Ashley is wonderful to work with, is a remarkable artist, and it’s clear that she takes her craft very seriously. I recommend her to clients all the time. Thank you Ashley.

Penguin Love Necklace
Daniel Porrini

The necklace I ordered turned out amazing and Ashley was easy to get in touch with and fast to assist me with my needs

Amazing memorial

I ordered a ring with my mothers ashes and am blown away by Ashley and her work.


I can’t even begin to explain how incredible this ring is! The pictures are amazing but in person, this ring is just stunning!!! I’ve been staring at it nonstop since it arrived. So much beauty in the midst of such a painful loss. Thank you Ashley. You are so wonderful at what you do!

Best Friend

My friend was giggly, elegant and had a beautiful heart.
So, I picked a ring that sparkled, colorful, and gorgeous. Just love the ring, she’s with me!

Ocean Waves

The perfect piece of jewelry to remember our days on the ocean. The piece was exactly as pictured and was completed and delivered in a most timely manner.

Heart-Shaped Halo Cremation Ring

Cremation rings and necklace

I got these for my 3 daughters and they absolutely love them. They love having their father so close to them.

Memorial Ring

I absolutely love my ring! It is a great memorial ring with my Father's ashes in them! I would highly recommend Ashley Lozano Jewelry!

Beautiful necklace

I ordered this piece after having many troubles with the funeral homes jewelry company. I emailed with some questions and received a very quick response, and she even helped me to feel confident in the fingerprint I was sending. I was so worried it was too blurry. After placing my order I had my necklace in my hands after 1 week! This was so amazing to me because I waited 7 months with the funeral homes company and it was horrible, but when my piece from Ashley Lozano came it was stunning! I am over the moon with it. Thank you!

My girls with me forever

I had to help my mare cross the 🌈 bridge in Jan 2022 and the ring Ashley created for me with her ashes is absolutely stunning. She is with me now everyday!! I am beyond happy!!

Keepsake ring

Wonderful ash and hair ring of my beloved dog who was 17 years old
I will wear it everyday for the rest of my life
Beautiful ring,just how I wanted it.

Dainty Cross Ring with Cremation Ashes
Sarah Bowden

This ring was sooo worth the wait! It is gorgeous and breathtaking, tiny and delicate, yet so meaningful and incredibly special. After my dad passed away unexpectedly 3 months ago, I knew I wanted something to keep him close and this was the perfect way! Ashley is so sweet and so very kind. This ring means everything to me. Thank you.