Hey guys, a quick update. My toddler had RSV two weeks ago, and gave it to me. It passed through me last week rather quickly to my surprise, however it did enough damage to my nerves to cause facial paralysis. (Bell's Palsy). I had this once in college and it lasted about 1.5-2 months. I'm hoping for a quick recovery again and am doing everything in my power to jump start the muscles. I AM still working diligently, but I am working with one eye right now which of course is slowing thinks down a bit. Any orders that were promised for Christmas will absolutely still ship in time, I have ZERO doubts about that. I have one or two orders that are supposed to ship this week that I may run a day or two over on and I will of course be in contact with those customers with an update and some sort of way to make it right. I am late shipping an order on probably 2 orders a year max, and it weights very heavily on my conscience.
With all that being said, I will NOT be taking anymore made-to-order orders with Christmas delivery. My cut off this year was November 22 and each year I push that date back as much as I can and I still get orders just days before Christmas with notes that say "Need this for Christmas!" lol. And, I almost always make it happen regardless of the sacrifices I have to make for my own family's Christmas preparations. This year, with a now paralyzed face, it would be simply irresponsible professionally and regarding my health if I continued to overload myself.
Anything in my ready-to-ship album is not a problem to pack up and ship out, and of course e-gift cards are available 24/7. Please consider these if you are still shopping handmade for the holidays ❤️
In addition, I can fulfill some orders for the cremation ocean wave necklace as I have several pre-made and just need to do the ash work, and I have a few things that are ready-to-ship and I don't have listings up. I'll do my best to add those to my social media sites as I can. If you order pet nose/mold items or other cremation items that require a kit, a kit will still go out in a timely manner.
To recap, I'm always OPEN for orders, I'm just not expediting delivery on anything other than the items mentioned above or orders that have already been placed.
Thanks a million. Your business and support mean the world to my family ❤️
-ashley lozano






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