Determining Your Ring Size

Due to the current COVID outbreak, it's now more difficult than ever to get to a jewelry store and be measured for your ring size. Many are unaware that this is something you can do from your home with only a sheet of paper (or string), scissors, a ruler, and a pen! Knowing your proper ring measurement is essential as many handmade rings can not be resized and/or would incur a fee for doing so. Check out the quick and easy steps below, or order a reusable ring sizer tool from our shop here for just 5.00.

1) Cut a strip of paper (or a piece of non-stretchy string) the approximate width of the ring band in question.


2) Wrap it snugly around the base of your finger.

Remember not to wrap the string or paper too tightly around your finger, or you will have problems with getting the ring over your knuckle. Keep in mind that your fingers may swell - especially in hotter climates, and you should leave a little room for the ring. 



3) Mark the point on the paper or string where it completes the circle and comes together.

It shouldn't be too tight, nor too loose. 


4) Measure the length of the string or paper.

Measure it from the beginning of the strip or string to the mark you made with a ruler or tape measure. This is the circumference of your finger. 


5) Compare the measurement to our conversion chart.

Compare your measurement to the "circumference" column on the chart below to find your ring size. Select the corresponding US ring size when ordering from ashleylozano.com




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