On 5/21 our turnaround* for made-to-order items will be adjusted to 8-10 weeks. This will not impact orders placed prior to 5/21 and we will decrease wait times again when we are able. View updates on current orders via the menu bar.

Planned Vacations

I will be unavailable to retrieve and log incoming packages (molds, ashes, hair) April 3-11 2021, and will also have limited internet access during that time. All mail received at my post office box during that time period will be held for me safe and sound under lock and key. I will check and log them into the customer update form (ashleylozano.com/pages/family) when I return. You will still be able to place orders on my site, there will just be a delay in email responses. This will not impact your quoted wait times for made-to-order jewelry.
I will also be mostly unavailable the weekend of May 7.
Thank you.

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