I just wanted to say thank you Ashley for giving me a place to share my heart and to belong in a group where I can be an encouragement to others and also receive it.


My son Caleb died suddenly on November 23rd this year, from blood clots in both lungs.He had just gotten married June 26th of this year and left his beautiful bride a widow after just 5 months of starting their future together. I am a Christian woman and I have a very strong faith in God. It is everything to me. Because I know that I will see my son again in heaven one day, I can keep on living life with love, joy and hope. Sorrow is with me with every breath I take, but so also is joy. God has shown me His amazing love in both. He leads me to people like you Ashley, who help me to keep Caleb close to my heart and to help me heal the billions of shattered pieces, that will remain broken until my day for heaven arrives. 
I am so thankful for your talent and the love you pour into me he healing of others.
Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and in my heart and also in my prayers.
Much love to all of you and
Happy New Year

Mandy Fowler 

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  • Thank you for sharing Caleb’s story with us. I’m deeply sorry for your family’s loss and will be keeping you all in my thoughts.

    Ashley Lozano

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