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Paw Print Spinner Ring - Ashley Lozano Jewelry
Paw Print Spinner Ring - Ashley Lozano Jewelry
Paw Print Spinner Ring - Ashley Lozano Jewelry
Paw Print Spinner Ring - Ashley Lozano Jewelry

Paw Print Spinner Ring

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This beautiful custom spinner ring features your pet's name and the imprint of it's nose or paw! The hand textured sterling band is made to fit, and has a spinning silver/copper band with your pet's name and a bronze spinning band with it's nose or paw print. Upon purchase a kit will be sent to you along with a prepaid envelope to return the mold/print to me. This is a fast, easy, and safe process. You will also at that time receive a form to fill out for preferences as size and pet's name. I will choose the best section from your print to use on the ring. The print is life size, and therefore the entire print will not be used, you will receive a sweet sample of your best friend's print. At the time of ordering, I need you to indicate which kit you would like to receive from me, if you do not specify one a silicone mold kit will be sent to you.

Silicone kit- Produces a more detailed image which is more true to the actual size. If you choose to do a paw print, it is very likely that the entire paw print will NOT be shown on the finished product. The best layout for your piece will be chosen by the artist, your trust is appreciated.
ALL NOSE PRINTS will receive a silicone kit. Please see first picture in listing.

Ink kit- Not as detailed, but the photo can be manipulated, cleaned up, and shrunk down so that the entire outline/shape of the paw can fit onto a wearable piece. Please see example photo number 2 above.

*This listing is for a pet nose/paw imprint spinner ring, if you prefer an imprint bracelet, ring, or complete necklace please view the other listings in my shop:

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Video tutorial on how to make silicone print: www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCZ6SLOiE4I

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: Due to many requests, I have added international shipping. Please be aware that sending the mold back to me will have to fall on you, as I can not purchase labels from a different country to send back to myself as I would with domestic. Once your kit arrives, please send your mold back to the return address on the package :)

Please allow for slight variation from the photographs as all items are handmade and no two are identical.