"Simply Missed" Collection - Cremation Ash Jewelry for Any Budget

Since 2011, we've been honored to offer completely custom cremation jewelry built from the ground up using raw materials. While we do love custom work, we acknowledge that bespoke heirlooms are not in everyone's budget. At Ashley Lozano Jewelry, we sincerely want to help everyone along their grief journey no matter the budget. We also believe that our loved ones that we miss so dearly deserve to be memorialized by a piece that is representative of who they are, rather than by the same items you see over and over again online. With these goals in mind, we are proud to introduce our new cremation ash jewelry line for both pets and humans- The "Simply Missed" Collection. You will find that most of the items in this collection are under a hundred dollars, shipped! 

Rather than each piece being made to the client's specifications, we may use some prefabricated components, castings of our original designs, etc as a basis. Your cremation ashes will be professionally and securely set in affordable, hand finished jewelry. Your "Simply Missed" cremation memento will be personalized, rather than customized. For further personalization, choose from nearly eighty additives like crushed (synthetic) opals, real gold flakes, or shimmer pigments.  

Thank you for considering Ashley Lozano Jewelry for your memorial and cremation jewelry. We promise to handle your packages with the utmost care and respect.