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"Teardrop" - Personalized Fill-At-Home Glass Necklace (For Ashes, Dried Flowers, Sand, etc)

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This customizable cremation ash locket is the first in our series of fill-at-home ash pieces. It is composed of sturdy glass (passed several drop tests with no scratches or cracks). The 24" stainless steel hypoallergenic chain wraps around the neck of the pendant for safety, rather than the cork as most others do. For further stability, the cork is threaded with a steel wire that hoops at the end. The bulb-shaped pendant measures approximately 40x17mm. The necklace ships with your choice of birthstone (set in the crown-shaped cork), your choice of synthetic crushed opal (nearly 80 colors to choose from), and a scoop that doubles as a funnel. After adding ashes, sand, dried funeral flowers, etc, simply push the cork in until it "snaps" in place. We recommend adding a drop or two of superglue once you've added your inclusions. For your convenience, a single use tube of super glue can be purchased via the drop down menu (optional). All crushed opal color options can be viewed here. Scroll to the bottom of the "crushed opal" album for side-by-side photos. Please leave a note in the comments box indicating your opal color choice. 


In the example photos, the following combination was used:

OP45 red opal with Garnet CZ
OP16 opal with Clear/White CZ


Birthstones (CZ's):

January- Garnet
February- Amethyst
March- Aquamarine
April- Clear/White CZ
May- Emerald
June- Alexandrite
July- Ruby
August- Peridot
September- Sapphire
October- Opal or Pink Tourmaline
November- Citrine
December- Blue Zircon


This item does *NOT* require the shipping of ashes, flower petals, or any other inclusions. After indicating your color preference for the birthstone and crushed opal (optional), your necklace is ready to ship! *Ships in 3-5 business days*

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Megan Waldkoetter
Fill at Home Cremains Necklace

I was so excited when I saw the Fill at Home Cremains Necklace option. The crushed opal is such a beautiful addition. Now I can have my Cory Piper near my heart wherever I go. Thank you.