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Fill-At-Home Keepsake Locket with Your Opal Color Choice

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This unisex customizable cremation ash locket is new to our collection of fill-at-home cremation pieces. Your purchase includes the locket, chain, and opal color of your choice and does not require mailing the ashes. It is composed of sturdy glass and stainless steel (hypoallergenic, scratch/tarnish resistant). The stainless steel chain is 32". If screwed properly, the locket is air and watertight. The round pendant measures 25mm across and is the perfect size for a classy and timeless memorial necklace that can be worn every day. The necklace ships with your choice of synthetic crushed opal (nearly 80 colors to choose from). After adding ashes, sand, dried funeral flowers, etc., simply screw the front portion in place. For added security we recommend adding a drop or two of superglue once you've added your inclusions. For your convenience, you have the option to purchase a single use tube of superglue via the drop-down menu. All opal options can be viewed here. Scroll to the bottom of the "crushed opal" album for side-by-side photos. Please note your color choice in the comments box.

This necklace is also available in our shop in gold (toned) stainless steel, and rose gold (toned) stainless steel.


In the example photos, the opal color shown is OP77


This item does *NOT* require the shipping of ashes or the extended wait times of our bespoke items. Ships within 1-5 business days of your purchase.


*Please note that we do not recommend submerging this item in water for extended periods of time. Excessive soaking in water *may* eventually loosen the adhesive on the glass panel.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Cassie Baugher
Perfectly Comforting.

Ive filled it with my horses ashes, tail, and petals from flowers i received the day after he died, as well as the optional opal. Its been really comforting to keep with me and hold when the grief moments are strong. I love being able to see pieces of him 💛 it came quickly with kind service when I ordered it and hasnt scratched or anything, so far very durable and comfortable.

Matt Jones
Fathers ashes

It’s absolutely perfect. Purchased 2 for my Son & I . Filled half way up the glass with ashes & gave it a lil shake to mix my fathers ruby red July crushed opals for a cooler look & it’s not too small but just right… Happy son & grandson

Gail Eatherly

Bought this for my cousin who lost her mother. She absolutely loves this pendant!

Effie Karber

Absolutely beautiful! Everything I could ask for.

Mike McKenzie
Great communication and service

Very happy with product.

Ashly Villamar
Beauty in the ashes

High quality! Quick response! Excellent service.

Ashley is amazing to work with when it comes creating a meaningful pieces.